So Let’s talk.
Specifically, let’s talk about the Value of a Single Minute!

If you had “just” 1 extra minute on your cell phone to connect with someone,
how would you spend those 60 special seconds?

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How important are minutes?
Why are we giving them away?

In developing nations, people connect with each other using cell phones, but their cell phone plans are not unlimited; they use individual minutes, and have to use them wisely.

They “top up” their minutes every week, when they can afford to.  They also use those minutes as a form of currency by trading them for goods & services, because they often access cash or use a credit or debit card.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a bank or atm on every corner, and in some areas, credit cards don’t help because there’s no way to swipe them in a store; there’s no Apple Pay on their watch, no Samsung Pay on their phones, no Amazon deliveries coming, thanks to Alexa.

Life is very different when you don’t have a bank and systems we use every day. These folks have to manage their money and purchases differently, and one way that they do this is through the use of minutes on their phone.

Women For A Better started a special program, where we are topping up people’s phones!
We’re donating a BitMinute for every BitMinute donated!
‘And every BitMinute we donate is going toward purchasing a minute on someone’s phone.
We’re matching it – BitMinute for Bitminute!

So now think about it again…

If you had “just” 1 extra minute on your cell phone to connect with someone, how would you spend those 60 special seconds?

#gotaminute #giveaminute

We provide aid through BitMinutes

So what is a BitMinute?

BitMinutes are prepaid cellphone minutes, used a “value” – not just a cell phone minute.

You have a cell phone within inches, right? You’ve paid a carrier for access to their network to talk and text? Of course! ‘But once you paid for the time, that money became “locked up” inside your phone as “minutes.”

BitMinutes are different!

They are used:

  • for talking on your phone * as money to send another person
  • to make purchases, they can be offered as a loan to another person
  • or simply cashed in as money to use yourself

We’re happy to meet you!
Please become an Ambassador and share your ideas!
…as well as your donations!!


Maxine Alagar
Director, Women For A Better World
Vice President, Operations, BitMinutes


Marlene Bass
Coordinator, Women For A Better World
Client Manager, BitMinutes


Denise Dales
Director, Women For A Better World
Vice President, Global Sales, BitMinutes


Scott Frye
Technical Advisor, Women For A Better World & BitMinutes

Through our Ambassadors

We help others rise up in difficult circumstances, particularly in areas where banks and atms aren’t on every corner & credit cards can’t be swiped to make a purchase.

Our mission is simple
Help others all over the globe

From the inner city, to developing areas without a banking infrastructure, to people in need, following events where banking and access to funds is suddenly unavailable.

We have the solution and the ability to help!

Becoming an Ambassador only means opening a wallet and using BitMinutes to help!


Thanks for donating to our “Give a Minute” program! We appreciate you!
Whether you become an active voice or are simply donating, we’re glad you have been part of our movement!

Our donations are powered and protected by BitMinutes.
If you would also like to be an Ambassador or simply choose not use PayPal, please go to and open a wallet!
So your information is completely protected, we have you open a free (totally free, no strings attached) “wallet,” which is what we call our accounts.

You make your donation of any value, which goes into the program bank account.
From there, it’s converted to BitMinutes & matched with an equal donation from us.

We then top up phones with the help of Women For A Better World Ambassadors around the world, who are going to schools, orphanages, women’s aid organizations and similar groups. They are literally walking in and literally topping up the phones of volunteers and people in need.

We are posting our stories, videos and a summary of what you and everyone helping us has donated and where those dollars went. It’s a wonderful gift!
On behalf of all of these people who treasure and actively use cell phone minutes every day – to talk and to survive – we thank you!

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