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In developing nations, people connect with each other using cell phones, but their cell phone plans are limited; they use individual minutes, and have to use them wisely.

They “top up” their minutes every week, when they can afford to, and also use those minutes as a form of currency by trading them for goods & services, because they cannot access cash or use a credit or debit card. Unfortunately, not everyone has a bank or ATM on every corner. In many areas, credit cards don’t help because there’s no way to swipe them in a store; there’s also no Apple Pay on their watch, no Samsung Pay on their phones, and no Amazon deliveries coming, thanks to Alexa. Life is very different when you don’t have a bank or the systems we use every day. These folks have to manage their money and purchases differently, Including through the use of minutes on their phone.

Women For A Better World started a special program, where we are topping up phones for people in developing areas, aspiring to improve their lives and the lives of others! WE are donating a BitMinute for Every BitMinute YOU donate!

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