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Thanks for donating to our “Give a Minute” program! We appreciate you!

Whether you become an active voice or are simply donating, we’re glad you have been part of our movement!

Our donations are powered and protected by BitMinutes. So your information is completely protected, we have you open a free (totally free, no strings attached) “wallet,” which is what we call our accounts.

You make your donation of any value, which goes into the program bank account. From there, it’s converted to BitMinutes & matched with an equal donation from us.

We then top up phones with the help of Women For A Better World Ambassadors around the world, who are going to schools, orphanages, women’s aid organizations and similar groups. They are literally walking in and literally topping up the phones of volunteers and people in need.

We are posting our stories, videos and a summary of what you and everyone helping us has donated and where those dollars went. It’s a wonderful gift!

On behalf of all of these people who treasure and actively use cell phone minutes every day – to talk and to survive – we thank you!

Kennji Nguyen

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"I'm so excited - thank you for bringing this dream alive!"

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